Martial Arts

What is so exciting about our school is its level of personalized attention; we have a limited number of students allowed to enroll in our program. This very exclusive school, will be set up to be a more semi private training center, where each student will receive more personalized instruction then could possibly be given in a typical martial arts school. Semi private training and a true to Zen quality atmosphere is what we have created for students. The school is arranged around a private lush 1-acre property in beautiful Davie Florida, right off of 136th. The Zen atmosphere will make the student feel as though they are training as the old masters may have in years past, feeling part of a family of kindred spirits. Family is very important to us. This is why at our center the already strong family base we started will move to be even stronger as we include our family of students in on important decisions for the school itself. Applications for an invitational review will open in January of 2013. This center will be by invitation only, requests for invitation will be found on our new beautiful state of the art website, that will offer students even more then just martial arts class. Otherwise one must receive an invite from a current student. This is one of the many ways we will keep our school exclusive. Once one has replied as to why they wish to apply for our unique school, an invite will be sent to the student to come for an introductory 20 minute private lesson, where we will learn about each individuals needs and make sure we can meet them and we are good fit
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Our Foundation

Garimot Arnis

Arnis, otherwise also known as Eskrima or Kali, is very much a mental game as well as physical. The cerebral aspects of the sport are highlighted as one attempts to quickly analyze the adversary's style while devising a means by which to counter it. In addition to analytical thinking, Arnis requires decisive thinking and the courage to assume the offensive when the opportunity presents itself. Good sportsmanship is an integral part of the Arnis tradition. Arnis was for many years considered a sport for gentlemen only and participants were expected to conduct themselves accordingly. Much of this "flavor" still exists today. Arnis de mano has been proven in combat throughout the many wars in Philippine history and is held in high regard by law enforcement officers around the world. The serious student will find the knowledge and skill gained through consistent and dedicated practice an invaluable addition to an existing martial arts repertoire. Why Arnis?
  • We start off with weapon-based work. Training will include single stick, double stick, and knife. This highly elevates threat levels and makes the student face fears immediately. In addition, coordination is challenged immensely and the student becomes quickly aware of what areas need study.
  • You will quickly learn and become comfortable with your abilities and achieve martial skill in a shorter time span. Initially taught in a methodical and slow manner to maintain safety, serious combative training will quickly elevate as your comfort and skill level rises.
  • You will be prepared to deal with serious life threatening situations and how to deal with a weaponed attack. Women benefit greatly from the study as they learn how to utilize skill as opposed to brute force
  • Principles behind the weapon work translate perfectly to empty-hand applications
  • Meticulous study of body angles allows for your maximum safety while being able to be engaged in combative range.

Harimaw Buno

Buno is a Tagalog word meaning wrestling it is an empty hand fighting system developed by the indigenous people of the Philippines Islands. There are literally hundreds of styles of Buno practiced throughout the Philippines. However, the Harimaw Buno formerly Harimaw Lumad (King Tiger Wrestling) style was particular to the Mangyans, of Mindoro, Island and Aetas Tribes in Infanta, Quezon in Luzon Philippines. Harimaw Buno was the Preferred name by Gat Puno Abon "Garimot" Baet the founder and Grandmaster of the Harimaw Buno Federation. Buno promotes the principle that a smaller, weaker person using leverage and proper technique can successfully defend against a bigger, stronger assailant. Unusual training methods and emphasis on ancient battle-proven techniques make the Buno master more than a formidable opponent. Characteristics of Harimaw Buno include limb locks, joint locks; choke holds, head cranks, precision striking, muscle grabs, minor/major pressure point tactics and "biyabit" techniques (come-along maneuvers). Sparring and live drilling play a major role in training, and a premium is placed on performance.

Choy Lee Fut Kung Fu

The Chinese Martial Arts are some of the oldest in history and can be traced back to the Shaolin temple. There have been many Kung Fu styles developed that separated Shaolin Kung Fu into the Northern and Southern factions. The style that we practice Choy Lee Fut was developed in Southern China. The founder of Choy Lee Fut, Chan Heung, named (and established) this form from three different styles and three different teachers of Kung Fu, Choy Fook, Lay Yau Sam and Ching Cho War Cern(the green grass monk). As a result, Choy lay Fut combines both Northern and Southern styles of Kung Fu using attacks such as palm strikes, swinging fists, kicks, punches and joint locks.