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Ready to Get Started? If so fill out the contact questionnaire to the right with your information. In the text box to the bottom fill out why you are interest in becoming a TAMA Warrior Artist. We will review your admission request, then contact you to set up a 20 minute private session to see where your level of training lies and also to let you get a taste of how we train. Following directly will be a short question and answer session to allow both parties to get to know each other better, and see if the relationship is a good fit. Once accepted, you will have a 90 day trial at the school before you are inducted into TAMA Warrior Arts.  Start it know, so we can make a warrior out of you.

If you are not a potential student but interested in having our demo team come to your event to demonstrate Kung Fu, Arnis and/or Lion Dance, continue to fill out the form with your contact information. Then at the bottom text box, fill in about your event, include as much information as you can, when, where, times, contacts for events, what is requested and how long the show would need to last on our part. We will get back to you ASAP on our availability and costs. Although we do on occasion do some pro-bono work for some charities please remember performing is how we pay for new uniforms and equipment to better our shows and replace things as they get old from wear.

Phone: (305) 970-9089